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Invites  You to Her psychic boutique for a consultation in matters of the heart business affairs and personal problems. Angelina Is a world renowned Chakra Mediation Specialist

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Personal Psychic Readings

My accurate, detailed readings help to uncover the past, enlighten the present & help reveal the future. I am here to help and guide you to make the right decisions!

~Psychic Readings

~Tarot Cards Readings

~Crystal Readings

~Aura Readings

~Energy Readings

~Love Readings

~Psychic Reading

~Couple Readings

~Psychic Spiritual Medium

Healing must be in tune with your own vibrations, your spirit. Your whole being has to be in it, integrated, moving in one direction.

~Energy & Chakra Balancing

~Spiritual Cleansing

~Feng Shui

~Light Healing

~Past Life Evaluation

~Path Finder

Meditation & Counseling

I can help you find your Spiritual Zen to help you explore your inner healing powers through meditation. Find your paths of happiness, fulfillment, and enlightenment.

~Guided Meditation

~Spiritual Therapy


~Marriage Counseling

~Family Counseling

Love Spiritualist

I specialize guiding you towards making the right decision concerning love, marriage, relationships, break-ups & finding your soul-mate! My Powerful Love Spell Casting Methods Include:

~Love Spells

~Reuniting Lovers

~Custom Spells

~Healing Broken Hearts

I Am An Intuitive Psychic Medium, I Have Faith In What I Do.
It Is My Gift & Wishes To Help Others With Their Problems!

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The information contained on this site is for information purposes only, is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation. Results may vary from person to person. (18+)


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I was so sad and in a funk  because I did not find Him sooner. He is a genuine blessing. Thanks for all of your help.

Jane, CA         **DISCLAIMER: You Must Be 18 Years of Age  Individual Results May Vary


My relationship was being corrupted by my girlfriends ex, that was extremely obsessive. that this guy said that we were meant to be so I went forward (even though i've been through countless others that did not provide results.) I appreciate my life so much more now because of you. :)

Glenn NY NY


My husband has been drifting away from me I felt it he began befriended other woman (who he has interests with)

he began to choose me less and less our family less and less he was there at night but truly not present he was facebooking or texting other woman ignoring me right in front of me I was at the end of my rope I could not take this anymore. with your help I faced my problems head on and much to my surprise my husband is fully back blocked the other woman and we are finally happy i cannot thank you enough for all you did for us. Jane, FL  **DISCLAIMER: You Must Be 18 Years of Age  Individual Results May Vary


Love takes over no matter what you have going on in your life. This spiritualist proved that to me. I had so much going on that I did not know what was important. Thank you for saving me, I have been alcohol/drug free for 10 months now and we have been better than stable for a year.

David, New Mexico           **DISCLAIMER: You Must Be 18 Years of Age  Individual Results May Vary


Out of all things I didn't think I would ever call a psychic. All I can say You made a believer out of me.

Kristen New Port News, VA        **DISCLAIMER: You Must Be 18 Years of Age  Individual Results May Vary


I had no idea that abuse from my past could effect my present in a spiritual way.  You suggested an Aura Cleansing as well as a Chakra Alignment. I am very grateful and appreciative for the results that I have received.

Brian, Florida       **DISCLAIMER: You Must Be 18 Years of Age  Individual Results May Vary


**DISCLAIMER: You Must Be 18 Years of Age  Individual Results May Vary

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